5 Easy DIY Solutions For Around Your Home

This is for all of you who hate clutter and loose odds and ends. Transform your living space into a creatively organized home! Here are five simple and affordable DIY solutions to help tidy up (and keep it that way!):

1. Chaos in the Closet

How to organize and store your linen sets: With this simple trick you'll never have to pull all the contents of your closet out just to find the matching pieces! Neatly fold an entire set and place inside one of the pillow cases. You end up with a condensed set package that fits perfectly in stacks in your closet.

2. Loose Knick-Knacks

Stop going through hundreds of bobby pins: This cost-effective solution is easy to install and will work wonders in all areas of your home. Use magnetic strips with peel-off adhesive tape on the inside of vanity mirrors, kitchen cabinets, anywhere you could use a little extra storage. These hand strips are perfect for collecting those bobby pins you keep losing, holding tweezers, paper clips, you name it!

3. Need a Plastic Bag?

Think twice before tossing the wipes container: Transfer the convenience of pulling a wet wipe from a container to pulling a plastic baggie from it! This tip is helpful for all, but an absolute must for dog owners (hey accidents can happen wherever you go!) and busy mothers with newborns (transportation of stinky diapers!).

4. Clean Traveling

For when you don't have fancy shoe bags: Traveling can become a bit messy when it comes to packing shoes. Save the rest of your suitcase's contents by storing shoes in shower caps. A quick and cheap solution, most hotels leave free shower caps and other toiletries for their guests so stock up! The perfect size and clear for easy viewing, shower caps are ideal compared to plastic bags that take up more room.

5. And That’s a Wrap!

Knowing what's connected to what: Those little tags you find on bread and other bags make the perfect tags for all your household cords and wires. These labels make an easy job of locating cords to unplug or adjust, whether they be from your computer, kitchen counter top, or behind the TV and entertainment system. Save yourself some time and label, label, label!

Untangling a mess of cords and wires: Keep cords and wires in neat bunches by tying them together with decorative ribbon or string. You can even do this with extra long cords or wires by coiling them and securing the same way. Note the super creative way of neatly storing an assortment of ribbons!

Have any nifty tips and tricks of your own? Let us know in the comments section; we’d love to give your solutions a try!

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10 Responses to 5 Easy DIY Solutions For Around Your Home

  1. Jules Thomas says:

    Some really great tips! Thanks very much for sharing these, we will share them with our clients too :o)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Great post! So many neat eco-friendly tips 😀 Can’t wait to finally re-use those weird bread tags!

  3. Pangeamuse says:

    This is a really helpful post. I’ve been collecting bread tags since I was little, now I can use that idea! Thanks!

  4. Karin says:

    Helpful tips

  5. Jeremy Autio says:

    I regard something really special in this site.

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