Learn Beauty & Makeup From The Pros

Getting a fabulous makeup look for every occasion can be difficult. If you’re trying to avoid the mishaps of walking out with your latest experiment gone wrong, take a few tips from distinguished individuals of the trade! From everyday makeup to business  and party looks, even costume ideas, these pros have all kinds of easy-to-follow tutorials and tips. The best part? Seeing what it looks like BEFORE you try it!

But it doesn’t just stop at makeup, these gurus provide tons of other valuable information on skincare, hair care and styling, general health, stress relief, and fashion. They love to interact with their fans and followers, make honest product reviews, organize meet ups and giveaways, and blog/vlog about their daily lives. So just to get started, five really great beauty and makeup pros worth following:

1. Michelle Phan | Facebook | Youtube

Michelle, one of the most famous and most subscribed of the beauty gurus bunch, offers a variety of makeup tutorials both practical and whimsical. Not only does she make videos about makeup, she frequently updates with beauty tips, DIY tricks, health advice, and her most recent endeavors: short films! Michelle also works for Lancôme and has started her own companies: MyGlam and FAWN.

2. Promise Tamang Phan | Facebook | Youtube

Promise, best known for her amazing transformation videos, is a magician with makeup. Many of her tutorials show you step by step how to turn yourself into your favorite celebrity, character, or cartoon. The resemblance is uncanny! Promise also does everyday makeup tutorials, party and formal event looks.

3. Bubzbeauty | Facebook | Youtube

Lindy, AKA Bubzbeauty, frequently updates with simple to re-create makeup looks, hairstyle tutorials, nail designs, and advice videos. She has expanded her cute personality into comedy videos, a clothing brand, makeup brush line, and blog posts by her puppies. Also keep a lookout for posts about her painting hobby and posts by her boyfriend.

4. From Head To Toe | Facebook | Youtube

Jen’s (From Head To Toe) specialties range from makeup and hairstyle tutorials, to product recommendations/reviews, and her latest shopping hauls. Among her miscellaneous videos such as bra fitting 101, tag videos, and skin/haircare routines, Jen also uploads many celebrity lookalike makeup tutorials.

5. Macbarbie07 | Facebook | Youtube

Bethany, or Macbarbie07 on Youtube, has a fun assortment of beauty trends, outfit of the day, fashion hauls, DIY, makeup & hair tutorials. She also updates with random videos about healthy snack choices, bag essentials, and some celebrity transformations. Bethany’s bubbly personality shines through in all of her posts and helpful, fun videos.

Some other girls definitely worth following:

Following video tutorials not really your thing? Every once in awhile Victoria’s Secret Beauty releases some wonderful  “Get The Look” makeup cards with detailed illustrations of a look accompanied by a list of the products used to re-create the look. A few of our faves on the models:

So which beauty and makeup experts/enthusiasts do you follow or are inspired by? Or maybe you create your own unique looks? Let us know below!

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2 Responses to Learn Beauty & Makeup From The Pros

  1. I love (and follow) all of them! I could read/watch them all day! They’ve inspired me to start my own blog! I cover all things beauty, but I have more of an emphasis on skin care! 🙂

    • yummiebite says:

      It truly is inspirational how far each and everyone of these ladies have come since their humble beginnings. We love your blog! Who knows, maybe you’ve inspired your readers in the same way 🙂

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