How To: Sample Sizes

One of the best things you can sign up for is free sample size products. We can’t stress enough how simple this is and the pay off for spending less than a minute to fill out a form! (Well, a few seconds if you have auto-fill or type really fast.)

So just to list a few of the pros of the trade:

  • It’s free! What’s better than free stuff?
  • Test out (usually brand new on the market) products before you buy the full size.
  • Usually generous quantities that you can use more than once (face washes, perfumes, chapstick, makeup, etc).
  • Companies usually include coupons with their samples.
  • For the lazies, get stuff delivered straight to your mailbox!

Cons? None that we can think of! Perhaps one potential is you could start receiving e-mails from the particular company. Some might find them helpful, others not. In which case, a simple solution is to just unsubscribe!

We especially love sample sizes from Johnson&Johnson, Lancôme, Clean&Clear, Neutrogena, Bioré, L’Oréal, and Dove. Check out what we’ve received in the recent past:

We highly recommend the pore strips, lip moisturizer, and Dove Go Fresh products for everyone! Facial products are more dependent on your own skin type.

So where exactly do you go to find these sample size sign-up sheets? Social Media! Companies are getting on their social media game and using platforms to their best advantage to reach current and potential customers. Facebook, Twitter, and official company websites are goldmines for free sample sign-ups, coupons, and discount codes! Another great source is magazines! Don’t just flip past the advertisements, you’ll sometimes find small samples attached or information on how to get samples. Keep your eyes peeled for those!

And now, to get you started, follow these links to start receiving free samples and coupons for great products: Bioré, Dove, Johnson&Johnson, Clean&Clear.

What is the best free sample you have ever received? Let us know! On another note, Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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