Look For Less: Peep-Toe Platform Heels

It’s time for the peep-toe platform heels smackdown! Candie’s vs. Steve Madden!

Don’t worry, you’re not seeing double. These pairs of shoes just look ridiculously similar! However, for those of you looking for a great deal, the Candie’s are nearly one third the price of the Steve Madden heels. We don’t know about you, but there aren’t very many obvious differences that we can spot between the two… so unless you are fiercely loyal to the Madden brand, Candie’s is just as good of a choice. You can buy the Candie’s Peep-Toe Platform High Heels at Kohl’s and the Steve Madden Dynemite Suede Platform Sandals at the Steve Madden website.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and for those who celebrate, a happy Fourth of July! Grab some of those sales online and in stores while you can!

What are some recent purchases you have made? Any steals or splurges? Let us know in the comments below!

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