Ice Cream Cone Colors

One of the best frozen treats for cooling down in the summer is ice cream. Take those deliciously fun pastel colors and transfer them to fashion and you’ve got one great looking trend! Check out a few of our picks:

1. Aldo Yackeren Clutch in Pastel Multi, $40

2. ModCloth Kiss and Pastel Sandal, $20

3. Aldo Gerardus Platform Pump in Pastel Multi, $110

4. Armani Beauty Spring Eye Palette, $59

5. Aldo Gullung Necklace, $15

6. ModCloth Vintage Pretty Pastel Plate Set, $40

What’s your favorite flavor?

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2 Responses to Ice Cream Cone Colors

  1. lifestyletea says:

    The table ware is so cute! love it!

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