Galaxy Glam

We are absolutely in love with the ever popular galaxy print. There is something so glamorous about dark night skies and bright blotches of blue, purple, and white. Galaxy glam is for the dreamers; the girls who wish on shooting stars and sit under the moonlight.

Andrea of Andrea’s Choice has released a brand new fashion DIY tutorial that takes you through step-by-step how to make your own galaxy print. Following her galaxy shorts video is simple! It’s much more affordable to create your own, and best yet, your item will be 100% unique! None other like it! AND the supplies you get will last you a few projects, feel free to expand into other articles of clothing, home decor (we can see this print as a lovely wallpaper, furniture design, or curtain!), and accessories (black tote + galaxy print!).

What will you be putting galaxy print on? We can’t wait to make some of our own! Don’t forget to check out Andrea’s other awesome videos on beauty, fashion, life, and DIYs!

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