Makeup Guide: How To Conceal With Colors

Need a little bit of help getting flawless skin? Colored concealer can do wonders for your skin, even before a foundation routine! Based off the color wheel and colors opposite one another, colored concealers balance and neutralize skin tones. Dark under eye bags, redness, blemishes, and flaws begone!

Yellow – Yellow, opposite purple on the color wheel, targets those tired raccoon eyes. The yellow tint zones in on the broken capillaries located in the sensitive under eye area. Refresh this shadowy area with a sweep of yellow for brighter, more vibrant eyes.

Apricot/Peach – Orange hues will warm up dull or aging skin with a subtle hint of color. Apricot/peach colors help neutralize dark blueish tones under the eyes. Layer with yellow concealer for youthful and alert eyes.

Pink – Use pink concealer on top of yellow or apricot to lift and brighten even more. Can be used on bare skin to brighten fatigued skin. Perk up our overall look by dabbing pink on the inner corners of eyes. Best trick to fake a good night’s sleep!

Green – Green, red’s complementary color, is best used for reducing the appearance of redness caused by irritation and blemishes. Green also comes in handy for camouflaging scars and uneven skin tones. Swab some green around the nose and corners of mouth to neutralize redness.

Optionally, finish off concealers with your usual foundation routine for flawless skin.

What colored concealer do you use most?

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