Could your acne be trying to tell you something?

That annoying place on your face you constantly get breakouts… it can really tell you about what’s happening inside your body! Often times our internal organs and hormones can be the perpetrators behind nasty acne phases. Treat your face as an acne map to target what potential causes could be behind attacks of pimples and zits. Changing your diet, skincare products, cleansing routine, or lowering stress can stop some forms of acne in their tracks. Read more on problem areas and what could be causing them to breakout below:

Your Forehead

Potential problem area: Digestive System — Cut down on your processed foods, especially excessive amounts of greasy and/or sugary fast food and junk food. Aim to increase your water intake to flush out your digestive tract and incorporate cooling foods into your diet, like cucumbers, that will soothe your stomach.

Between Your Eyebrows

Potential problem area: Liver — Ban alcohol, greasy food, and dairy products from your diet. This is also the zone where food allergy symptoms will appear first. Take note of all ingredients you are ingesting to narrow down potential allergens. Make sure to get adequate sleep (recommended minimum eight hours of rest per day).

Your Temples

Potential problem area: Kidneys — Problems that appear around the sensitive eye area (this includes dark circles!) are all caused by dehydration. Make sure you’re getting enough liquids to keep you hydrated.

Your Nose

Potential problem area: Heart — If blood pressure and Vitamin B levels go awry they can cause breakouts in the nose region. Decrease your intake of heavy spices and meat. It’s important to remain active and make sure to get plenty of fresh air. You’ll also want to pay close attention to your cholesterol levels. Steps toward keeping a healthy heart include replacing “bad fats” with “good fats” (Omegas 3 and 6) that are found in tree nuts, avocados, fish, and flax seed. Extra note: It’s important to make sure your makeup is not expired! Expired makeup could contribute to clogging your pores and causing breakouts.

Your Ears

Potential problem area: Kidneys — Like your temples, areas around your ears and sides of your face may point to not getting enough liquids. Water is always the best solution so try and eliminated carbonated drinks, coffee, and alcohol.

Your Cheeks

Potential problem area: Respiratory system — Smoking and allergies (two main irritants of the respiratory system) can be a leading cause for breakouts on the cheeks. Also be wary of your body overheating. Combat this by eating more cooling foods, cutting down on extra sugars, and getting more fresh air. Avoid excessive intake of acidic foods (meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar). A healthy diet should consist of dark green veggies. Extra note: What are two things that touch your cheeks on a daily basis? Pillow sheets and your cell phone! Be extra sure to properly clean these items so contaminants don’t come in contact with your skin.

Your Chin

Potential problem area: Hormones — This is the classic zone for stress and hormonal changes to appear in the form of acne. You can try and avoid getting breakouts here by getting enough sleep, drinking your recommended amount of water, eating leafy veggies, and keeping a strict skincare regimen. Unfortunately, breakouts correlated with menstrual cycles can sometimes be unavoidable.

The Tip of Your Chin

Potential problem area: Stomach — Increase your fiber intake, eat lighter, reduce toxins (detox!), and drink herbal teas to aid in digestion.

Your Neck

Potential problem area: Illness — Acne breakouts on your neck region can sometimes be a sign that your body is fighting off a bacterial infection. Do everything in your power to heal quickly; drink water, rest lots, de-stress, and eat well. These things take time and only keeping a healthy lifestyle can expedite the process.

If problem areas take a long time to heal or clear up, it’s always best to see a professional dermatologist and get it checked out.

Where do you always  breakout? Any tricks on quick fixes? Let us know!

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