Makeup For Your Eye Color

If you look closely, the pigments in your eyes are unique to you. Help bring out your eyes’ brightest colors by applying the right colors!

Brown Eyes: The most versatile, brown eyes go well with a variety of colors for different looks. Go bold with greens, golds, browns, pinks, blues, greys, and purples or go natural with earthy tones a few shades lighter or darker than your eye color. The smokey eye technique looks amazing with brown eyes.

Blue Eyes: Use darker shades on a naturally light eye color. Dusty colors such as brown, rose, and violet work well with blue hues. The colors must be rich and warm to compliment blue eyes the best. Also consider softer (but still dark) colors in the neutral ranges such as peach and lilac.

Green Eyes: Deep vibrant purples are the perfect match for green eyes. Warm-ranged pigments such as mauve and pink are also complimentary. For the natural, sultry look, go with browns, and the metal colors: gold, bronze, and copper. It’s best to avoid anything too light and shimmery, especially pastels.

These are just suggestions to consider based on the color wheel and color theory. Experimentation with different colors can turn out just as beautifully! How do you bring out your own eye color?

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2 Responses to Makeup For Your Eye Color

  1. lifestyletea says:

    With my brown eyes I use a lot of gold and brown tones with the occasional purples hehe xx

  2. nora says:

    who is that model?????

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