Eco-Friendly Products for Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2013! Here are some great eco-friendly products that you’ll love and the earth will love you for using them! Go green!

1. Burt’s Bees Product Line – Chock full of amino acids and vitamins, Burt’s Bees products have no added chemical preservatives. You can breathe easy knowing what you put on your body came from natural ingredients.

2. Yes to Carrots Product Line – You’ll love these products with all their natural goodness – organic carrot extract, coconut oil, jojoba-seed oil, and don’t forget the shea butter! Mmm shea butter…

3. All of Desert Essence’s Organic line smell heavenly. From Vanilla Chai to Tropical Coconut, and even Green Apple & Ginger, the scents are sure to make you swoon.

Which eco-friendly products are you using?

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