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Style Spotlight: Kate Hudson’s Golden Globes Look

How radiant did Kate Hudson look at the Golden Globes?! Covering her arms and legs, her keyhole cutout dress hugged her curves and was the perfect balance between conservative and sexy. Other stars chose to show too much skin, but Kate looked every inch classy and stunning. Her simple and chic accessories (or lack of accessories) let the embellishments on her dress and glowing face take the spotlight. We love that she kept her makeup minimal and natural looking. The nude lips, simple eye makeup, and warm bronzer complimented her features perfectly. Another style that worked for Kate: her low-key, smooth and silky hair that she effortlessly middle parted and tossed over her shoulder for the night. Continue reading

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Makeup For Your Eye Color

If you look closely, the pigments in your eyes are unique to you. Help bring out your eyes’ brightest colors by contrasting with the right colors! Continue reading

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Uneven Eyes: A Handy Guide by Michelle Phan

What many women consider “imperfections” are actually what make us uniquely beautiful. One common asymmetric feature are the eyes. Many of us have different sized eyes or different types of eyelids. It’s rare to see perfect symmetry in nature and we should embrace the way we look. But, that’s not to say we can’t alter our looks from time to time. Evening out your eyes is the same concept as applying make up differently to give the illusion of the same shape or size eyes. Continue reading

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Makeup Guide: How To Conceal With Colors

Need a little bit of help getting flawless skin? Colored concealer can do wonders for your skin, even before a foundation routine! Based off the color wheel and colors opposite one another, colored concealers balance and neutralize skin tones. Dark under eye bags, redness, blemishes, and flaws begone! Continue reading

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Changing Seasons Means… Chapped Lips!

Protect your lips and keep them smooth all year long! The worst look is chapped lips and these products will buff away dead skin, heal sun-damaged cracks, and moisturize… and help avoid chapped disasters while transitioning from season to season. Continue reading

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